Johnson Architecture

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in balance of practical, affordable solutions and quality architectural design.


  • We had a terrific experience working with Terri Johnson, Johnson Architecture, on a complete gut rehab in Chicago. Terri had great detail that she added to our plan, things we had never thought of. She was an expert in design, function, and even color selections. We appreciated her speaking up if our ideas needed tweaking and she was supportive if we still wanted things our way. Some architects take such control that they don’t like taking a clients’ suggestions. We were mindful to respect her time as a busy professional and likewise she was very good about managing time with us. Terri selflessly continued working and taking our calls when in the midst a her own family emergency. Her support continued through the construction process, while she was very busy with other clients she always managed to give us personal attention. She seems to have the tenacity required to get things done with the City. We would definitely recommend using Terri.


  • Terri designed and consulted with my contractor on major house remodel that I completed in 2011. She was very thoroughly both in planning and working through the options available to me. Fantastic attitude…always upbeat but realistic. For example, the design involved knocking down some walls. Once the walls were opened up, we discovered HVAC ducting which could have impacted the original plans but Terri simply rerouted the ducting and we were able to realize the original design. “All in a day’s work”, she said when I commented on her flexibility. Additionally, I credit Terri’s expert support with keeping this project within budget and finishing up on time. Everyday I look at the remodel and am thankful Terri was involved in this work. My house is beautiful and I attribute much of the final result to Terri’s good architectural eye and staying true to her design, which I fell in love with when she first presented it. Oh and one more thing I should add, when I was going through the vetting process to hire a contractor, Two or three of the five I interviewed commented positively on the detail of her drawings. Apparently that is not as common these days as you would think it should be.


  • We worked with Terri at Johnson Architecture for a remodel of the front exterior of our house. We wanted to increase curb appeal and Terri was referred to us by friends. The result is fantastic. Neighbors, especially, were amazed at the transformation. She was so easy to work with, meeting deadlines and working around our crazy schedule, and was very responsive when we had any questions. Terri also interfaced with our contractor who remarked that she really knew what she was talking about. I would hire Terri again and would recommend her to friends.